Jane Q. Freezing-Rain (pasajera) wrote in octaviabutler,
Jane Q. Freezing-Rain

Butler article in print!

Hello, Butleristas! I posted a few months back asking for help fleshing out an article about humans and aliens mating in sci fi--and my thanks again for all the ideas you pitched in. Originally I had conceived the article as just being about Butler's distinctive ideas about xenogenesis, but it grew into a sweeping survey of the topic--with a huge chunk of Butler as the culmination of the article.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that the article just got published in the current issue of the feminist magazine Bitch. Should be on magazine racks and library shelves even now. Would love to hear your ideas on how it turned out! Starts off with a full-page "family snapshot" of Judith and her Oankali family...Feels good to keep nudging her work into some small spotlight or another, I gotta say.
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