Kate Schaefer (kate_schaefer) wrote in octaviabutler,
Kate Schaefer

Last chance to apply for 2007 Clarion West Workshop!

Applications for the 2007 session of Clarion West must be RECEIVED by 11:59 P.M. Sunday, April 1.

Running late? Apply via email here.

The upcoming session (June 17 to July 27) will be taught by Nancy Kress, Larissa Lai, Graham Joyce, Kelley Eskridge, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Samuel R. Delany, our 2007 Susan C. Petrey Fellow. For scholarship info and details on the workshop and application process, see the Clarion West web site.

Clarion West is a non-profit literary organization committed to equal opportunity. Minority and special-needs students are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship assistance is available, including the newly-established Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which provides full funding (tuition and room and partial board) for a writer of color, thanks to donations from Ms. Butler's friends, colleagues, publishers, and readers. It is administered by the Carl Brandon Society and is available to one writer of color attending Clarion West and one writer of color attending Clarion each year.

I'm posting this to a few other communities with slightly overlapping memberships, so my apologies if you're seeing it more than once.
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